Rich Hurst – Presenter & Voiceover

“Richard Hurst is a confident, natural and occasionally cheeky presenter with 20 years professional experience ranging from radio to tv and virtual and live events. He’s as relaxed and natural in a football stadium in front of 25,000 people as he is in a small studio environment. His experience in the fast paced, hectic environment of commercial radio breakfast shows means he’s able to find a connection with his audience and keep them there. His time in front of the camera spans live virtual festival productions, glitzy award ceremonies and intensive business webinars but also includes fun promotional and corporate videos. Rich loves everything about presenting, from making that first, vital connection, to considering the audience’s need for information, to working out any possible opportunity to help a link or piece to camera stand out from the crowd.”

Virtual Woo Fest 2020

In July 2020 I was asked to script links and host Virtual Woo Fest.

This charity festival needed to find a new way to go ahead during the Covid-19 pandemic so the production gurus DRPGroup in Worcestershire stepped in.

The project culminated in a live-streamed studio-based show with recorded and live performances which I hosted for the whole day.

We had regular totaliser checks, interviews with the key players and social media interaction right throughout.

The event raised thousands and I personally felt really relaxed and comfortable fronting it all up.

Mesoa for Men Project:

Working with Mesoa for Men skin care on a 4 week review project

SR Electrical – Voiceover