Podcast production


“You can record some talking and release it, or you can produce a podcast” Ask me which famous producer came up with that quote!

The podcast market is growing – 10.1 million* people in the UK listen to a podcast every week and almost 80%* of them don’t just dip in, they listen until the end.

They are becoming more engaging as a way to connect with people. Listeners in 2020 say they concentrate harder and for longer when listening to a podcast over watching videos on social media.**

They are also going to podcasts for entertainment or to learn something new, and trust podcasts more for that than social media.**

It might feel strange to stray from social media or other traditional ways of marketing but podcasts are becoming more and more relevant, and the intimate way they connect with the listener mean they are more trusted.

My experience of structuring commercial and BBC radio shows means that when I work on a project, the result is a podcast that is engaging, relatable and useful to it’s listeners.

I can help with concept, structure, ideas, recording, production and publishing. One at a time, or all together!

Projects so far:

The first podcast I produced, hosted and released.

We Welcome Your Teams – A Podcast About Stadium Announcers

Following Rich’s work as a stadium announcer at a couple of football teams in the UK, he’s put together this podcast series talking to other people in the same job, who just before a game kicks off, grabs the mic and welcomes the teams to the pitch

Listen to the series


The Leader X Podcast – with Lucy Barkas

Lucy’s project was an exciting one to be part of!

We used two planning sessions to focus the message and method of the pods and then break that down into how it would sound.

I added some clever features that helped appeal to her target audience and helped structure each episode.

As a result, the podcast did well at maintaining the listeners interest and keeping them engaged. Feedback on length and content from some of her key target market was great.

Listen to the series


“Rich has been absolutely brilliant to work with and honestly, this podcast would not have been possible without him. Get in touch if you are thinking about starting your own podcast as not only did he coach me on technique, confidence building – he also directed, produced and set it all up for me.

“You have been immense. You quick turn around, advice and support has helped me to create something I am really proud of”

Lucy Barkas – The Leader X Podcast


The Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast – Stephanie & Nicky Taylor

Stephanie and her sister Nicky have built a great business with Rent 2 Rent Success but she wanted to get a podcast series to run alongside it and promote it to potential new customers.

We found some imaging and structure that not only suited the business but also her as a person, so she felt it gave a good representation of what she’s like to work with.

The end product was a huge series that we launched within less than two weeks of our first conversation.

After developing the series in a load of different episodes, Stephanie is now fully flying on her own following our help to get going…we’re massively proud!

Listen to the series


“Richard is an audio genius. And his super power is that he really cares. It’s been an absolute joy to work with Rich as he’s brought so much passion to the project. It’s been wonderful to be working with someone as excited about The Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast as we are!

We’ve received so many compliments on the music (which I adore!) and the sound quality. I’d been procrastinating about starting a podcast for months. Richard helped me go from zero to launch with a podcast we can be proud of in just 10 days. It’s no surprise that Rich now has a queue of people lining up to work with him.”

Onboarding & Internal comms RE-IMAGINED in audio.

ONBOARDING could be revolutionised with a piece of audio sent to a new member of staff. You could combine useful information with relatable chat from different staff in various departments.

Here’s an example…

With employee engagement is such a key part of a successful organisation and podcasts will be the next level of keeping you and your staff connected.

They can unite your teams through something authentic that’s friendly, warm and inviting. Plus, they can be consumed on the go…on the commute or the lunch break?

They are less scary to take part in – there’s no script or cameras – instantly creating a genuine connection across all areas of the company.

Read my blog on the idea behind the ‘end of play’ podcast.

Let’s have a chat about you and your podcast dreams!

Email richard@giftedgab.co.uk and let’s get chatting

*Rajar figures April 2020

**The Canadian Podcast Listener 2020