How can you beat the zoom fatigue your team is suffering from?

We’re still loving seeing eachother more than ever but when it gets too much, daily internal pod-dates could be the answer!


Ever been here? When team calls get too much and you’re struggling to concentrate or looking more at other people’s backgrounds than the person who’s talking.

It happens, allow for it, it’s human nature. (Imagine being a creative with a short attention span like me!)

The zoom fatigue thing is real – being conscious of how you look takes out energy. Trying to avoid talking over/under someone with or without stopping the flow of the conversation AND masking the inevitable signal wobbles…takes out energy.

I’ll always love the intimacy of podcasts and I think they have a roll to play in internal comms; even to replace some team briefings so members can relax and reflect. A chance to rest your eyes in amongst all that screen time. If you’ve got a whatsapp group using voicenotes, you’re halfway there!


Get your team to each record a 30 second ‘end of play’ update as they near the end of their day. Use your phone to record and send it to whoever in the team can edit it together, make it flow and make it sound good so everyone can listen on whatever device they might get their pods on. Get it released in time so your team can listen on their way home – driving, walking, tubing…whatever!

You’ll see that taking the time to stop and say out loud what you’ve got done makes you frame it better than an email ever will. Have you ever wondered about the energy wasted in trying to write the correct thing whilst trying to convey the right tone (don’t want to unnecessarily upset anyone now!)

It can be a quick turn around with a switched on producer and change the way you communicate!

If I can make one for you to try on a busy Monday/Friday to see how it works, let me know

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