How do you celebrate your first podcast?

So how do you mark the occasion when your first podcast goes live and is available to the world?

I’ve produced and even co-hosted the odd podcast in the past but wanted to produce my own from scratch to release.

I love being the stadium announcer at West Bromwich Albion as it’s such a unique job in the machine of a football matchday experience. A great subject to pod about then, as I knew I’d never tire of thinking and talking about it.

For help, I’ve gone straight to the top. I enlisted the help of ‘Voice of Old Trafford’ Alan Keegan. He’s someone who loves the job as much as I do.

Alan Keegan doing his thing at Old Trafford, Manchester United.

Together we’ve got stories and knowledge to connect with announcers right across the country. Considering there’s one at each of the 92 football league clubs, we won’t be short on guests for a while.

But the pod has to have more than just guests, I know that, especially in the football podcast marketplace. I’m aware the topic is niche but it’s a subject I’m interested in. Plus, it’s better that the pod has life in it rather than huge listener numbers.

When I edited, published and released the first episode…I didn’t know what to do first. New pods are released every day but I do wonder what the people behind them do when they go live.

Just think of all the ways you engage with pods; in the car on a long journey, out on a run, whilst doing housework. I’m now a part of that huge space for anyone around the world, and it’s ace!

Look, it’s been what pods are about for years…but now I’m part of it. So I took screen shots, shouted on whatsapp and hit twitter hard…then sat back and thought…we’re off.

Have a listen here and let me know what you think!

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