4 reasons you should use podcasts for employee onboarding.

Why use podcasts in the employee onboarding process?

I really believe using audio is  a great step towards taking the stress out of the onboarding process and can even play a part in retention, by delivering a great first impression of the company and its values.

Using experience in radio and audio, I know just how well it can connect with people. If your company values the relationship between vision and colleagues, audio plays right into your hands.

Four things pods will really change for the better…

  • Delivering the company mission statement – hear the company leader talking candidly and openly about their vision of the company and how this individual can play their part
  • Introducing remote team members. People who can’t be there on their first day or are really busy to stop for a lengthy phone call can record an item that the new staff member(s) can consume all in one go.
  • Expanding on the role description. The new employee will know the role they are here to do but hearing more from team leaders/line managers again helps them connect and get to know your colleagues straight away.
  • Prepping them for day one. The information can be consumed before they arrive. All without asking them to sit in-front of a laptop or on the phone all day. They can listen whilst commuting, exercising, doing chores or relaxing.

The process

Recording for the onboarding process can be done on site, following social distancing guidelines, or remotely. Get someone to guide the structure and tone of the content to make sure the listener is constantly engaged.

The future

Podcasts can help businesses in a number of ways, from being a stand out way to welcome new employees, to regularly engaging with a large workforce. Their flexibility means consuming important information can be done wherever, whenever. You can even empower your staff to start recording independently to provide updates on their work and individual projects and have it compiled into a podcast that really keeps the company connected.

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