Don’t even think about postponing those awards! Go virtual!

Chamber Champions – Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

I’ve recently been lucky enough to host a virtual awards ceremony for Herefordshire at Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce!


Streamed live from DRPg studios in the heart of the midlands, members were encouraged to celebrate the businesses or individuals who’d done great things to battle against the affects of the pandemic.

As we went through the night, speaking with guest award presenters and sponsors, it was obvious how important these awards were. This was a ceremony that could not happen physically but HAD to somehow go ahead.

The virtual version was just as good, caused just as much celebration and had zero boring speeches!


Afterwards, the response from businesses who were nominated, commended or even won was phenomenal. Even before they’d received their trophy in the post, they were posting and tweeting about how they felt.

Not the same as hearing their name announced, making that walk from the table to the stage and then posting with their prize, but still the same amount of gratitude and pride.

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