Best and worst things to include on a showreel.

So a couple of cool visual projects that needed a presenter came my way this year. A virtual awards ceremony and the first ever virtual music festival, that wanted to be ‘like the BBC at Glastonbury’. I was in straight away.

The fact that the clients would be using DRPG studios in the heart of the midlands was a big influence. It gave me vital experience working in a live studio environment.

So naturally, these events supersede most of the items on my showreel, so once I had the files in hand (or in my dropbox) a new one HAD to be made.

For me, a showreel is all about how you inject your character and style in your presentation. Most presenters can walk and talk to camera…but where is YOU in all that? I tried to find a balance between displaying ability and professionalism with exerting character and in my case, a bit of cheek.

Interaction with people/guests is important. For me, it’s another great opportunity to bring some relatability to a project, something that always goes down well with an audience. Any chats with people that brings a small smile to the face HAS to go in.

Taking creative opportunities is also high on the list for me. These may matertalise in tiny segments, phrases or just a sentence but again display that ability to use the chance to be a something a bit different.

Hey, it’s still got to get in-front of the right people at the right moment but knowing you’ve done as much as you can from your end is a good start.

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